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Why did I start this blog?

Looking back to September 2010 when I wrote my first post, I have to say what was I thinking?  Why did I start this blog?  At the  time I had just read a magazine article about  blogs and earning  money from advertising on their blog.  I like new products and thought how great would that be to try new products and write about them.  So I started writing about some things I knew about...Along the way I also joined some awesome Mom blogging groups, and have had some great help from someone I know that has a blog, among her many activities.
This past week I received some great packages of products to review, I am excited to finally be getting where I set out to be in this blog, and If I earn some money along the way, all the better.
My goal is to share.  I have read many blogs since September, some I love, some I wish mine looked like,and some I relate to, some I don't quite understand.  The point is that everyone has something to share.  I like to coupon shop, this weekend at Target I saved $40.00 in coupons, some of those coupons I got from reading other peoples blogs.  I had both my girls with me in the store, so the coupons were a great help in saving on products they use. The coupon sharing from other blogs was helpful to me.  I would rather read someones blog about a new product or a review of a product then go to the actual web site of the company like I did in the past.  Who would you go to for an opinion of  a product?  Another Mom or the company web site? 

I have rearranged my blog more times than I remember. I am not in a hurry to make my blog perfect, because it won't be.  I am not looking for perfect here.  However what I am looking for is to learn, and to share.  I started writing my blog in our basement on an old computer.  I actually was using a baking cooling rack to keep an old lap to cool because it overheated.The screen cracked so   I was using this huge old monitor, ready to drop that one off at the recycling center today!  Last week my loving husband bought a new laptop for me to use.  How nice was that. I know a new laptop won't make me a better writer. It won't send more followers my way, but it will keep me in my kitchen and remind me to do the housework!!!  Maybe that was what my husband was thinking???
So here I am in my sunny kitchen on my actual kitchen table writing and learning and sharing.
Maybe now I will put my cooling rack to use, or back in the cupboard!!!

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