Whose Counter is this anyway?

Soon after we moved into our current house, my husband planned to  install a counter top in our basement on the unfinished side. My neighbor across the street happened to be getting rid of their old counter top.  In my husband's recycle, reuse mind,he asked if he could rescue it from the curb.  I am sure my husband had plans to use this counter space for his own hobbies, but somehow I took it over.  Can you imagine?  Just kidding, we do share the space, but I am pretty sure it has more of my stuff on it than his!
My husband also installed a peg rack above the counter top to hang gift bags, and some dowel rods to hold spools of ribbon.  Underneath the counter top I put clear plastic bins with drawers to hold tissue paper, bows, gift card holders, treat bags, and boxes.  I use the tall clear wrapping paper bins by Rubbermaid to hold the rolls of wrapping paper.  They also fit nicely under the counter top.  On top of the counter on one side I have gift tags, different types of printed tape made by 3M. I use this brand of tape for all our tape needs in the house. I have an old tin from 3M that held a  roll of tape.  The tin is from my Grandmother's house.  I keep it on the counter to remind me of her and her very frugal ways.  She did not have to be frugal, she just chose to be.  As I get older I see why.  Every Christmas she would save all the wrapping paper we tossed aside from ripping open our gifts.  She took it all home smoothed it out, ironed it, and reused it the next year. 

Earlier this week I had to reorganize, and sort out the gift wrapping paper, and clean off the counter top.  I will admit I like to buy gift bags, and wrapping paper.  I look forward the day after Christmas to buy more paper. My Mother, Sister and I along with any kids that wanted to go, set out early on December 26th every year to go to Kmart to grab any thing they sold with Martha Stewart Designs.  This is probably the only day of the entire year we would go to Kmart, and only to see what great wrapping paper, and decorations by this designer we could get. I am sad that this store does not sell her products anymore.  However, I do have enough wrapping paper!