Christmas Cards

Growing up, we received tons of Christmas Cards.  My Mother would display them all over the kitchen wall and when I came home from college each Christmas break it was like an instant update on all the family friends.  In all my married years I have not sent or received as many as those on the kitchen wall.  It is eight days until Christmas day and my household  has strung up less then ten cards on the fireplace mantel. 
Each year we receive less cards than the year before. With the ease of electronic mail some of those paper cards  are now viewed on a monitor.
I say there is nothing like sitting on the couch holding all the cards and catching up with old friends.  Some people have chosen  to stop sending out cards altogether. I really like Christmas Cards, after all it is Christmas time. 

History shows that the origin of sending Christmas cards began in 1843 when an Englishman sent out cards to his friends wising them a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.  This is why I like to send out cards.  People that I don't see anymore or even people I see often I like to send a card to them.
Our family also sends out a Christmas letter.  I like to include a quick update of our family as well as something we learned or appreciated this year. Christmas is about a week away, and our cards are still in their boxes!!!
My favorite brand of Christmas Cards is Lang.  I pick out a Religious style and a whimsical style to send to the people on my list.  These are pictures of the boxes the cards come in, and are great little storage boxes.  I will be sending out cards this year and years to come God willing.  For this year I better get the cards in the mail soon, so I am not just wishing a Happy New Year.