O Tannenbaum

The German word Tannenbaum translates to the  English language as O Christmas Tree. O Tannenbaum, or O Christmas Tree is a traditional German Christmas Carol about how ever green the trees branches are... The Christmas Tree has it's origin in Europe 500 years ago. German Settlers brought the tradition of The Christmas tree to Pennsylvania which then spread through America.
Five hundred years ago Real Christmas trees were used, but in modern day times the artificial tree has made it's appearance in homes and business world wide.  The great debate of buying a real vs fake tree has been in the spotlight lately and to set the record straight I suggest you visit the official place for answers, The National Christmas Tree Association.  Here you will find the pros and cons of the real vs fake tree, the history of the Christmas tree, a topic of Myths of Christmas Trees.
I love the smell of fresh cut pine in my house.  I place tree branches in every nook and cranny in my house.  It gives it the Holiday feel and look, unless our kitten finds it first.  This year our real tree is not decorated due to the fact our kitten thinks we put it in the living room so he could climb it at will!

I have several totes of ornaments from my childhood, my kids childhood, and ornaments that we as a family have received or bought.  A  favorite of mine is the German company Kathe Wohlfahrt.  They offer traditional German Folk ornaments and decorations. Having  a real tree in your house may incur some events such as spotting spiders, needles falling on your floor, and the wonderful fragrance of pine.  An artificial tree has a lead warning on the box, is made from PVC, is not able to be used for compost, and is not made from a renewable resource.  I am not promoting the use of real or artificial trees.  Educate yourself on what tree works best for your lifestyle. I have a real tree and an artificial tree that I bought this year to hang to ornaments on that my mother made.
I do not have a good reason I bought the artificial tree than a real tree,other than I had to put it in the basement (kitten again), and the thought of spilling water all over the place wasn't on my list of another thing to clean up. ( bad excuse, I know).
If you chose a real tree, be sure to recycle, or compost it.  Our town offers a curb side pick up of trees, check with your area for recycling of either type tree.  Zoos  may take your old tree for winter shelter of animals, shore communities use them for stabilizing sand dunes, and you can use it in your own back yard for birds to use for winter shelter.
Enjoy your Christmas Tree, real or artificial, with memories and traditions of 500 years ago.