I found a cute background fitting for the next holiday; Saint Valentine's Day.  In my searching for backgrounds I found this one at Hot Bliggity Blog.  This site offers free and custom backgrounds for blogs, for everyday and holidays.  I guess I will just resign myself to the fact I like holiday decorations, and I hope to change the background with the holidays/seasons.    Hot Bliggity Blog has instructions on how to change your background of your blog.
Another site I came across in my background searching is Shabby Blogs for backgrounds, buttons and custom backgrounds, they offer free and custom backgrounds as well.  They just re-did their web site and the backgrounds are really nice.  I have some of their buttons on the side of my blog.
The last web site I looked at was Lee Lou Blogs, this site is just as nice as the other two, and offers free and custom backgrounds for blogs, and Twitter accounts.  If you are looking for a new background, or to add to your design these sites are worth the look. Look for instructions on these web sites to walk you through the designs.
Happy looking and Happy whatever Holiday it is!