Snow and the Garden

We woke up to snow today, and School!  It is Friday and I was wishing for a snow day but, I will be glad in June for less make up days due to snow.  It is  only January and the plant/seed catalogs are arriving in our mailbox.   By February/March  bulbs and some plants are emerging from the cold winter ground, even with snow on the ground.  
Frangipani Flower

Catalogs of Garden tools, planters, vegetable and flower treatments, and patio furniture are also arriving in our mailbox.   Last year one of my very favorite stores Smith and Hawken closed their store doors.  It was always a great store to find good quality garden accessories, and gifts.   Several years ago Target started to sell selected items from Smith and Hawken and I figured once the store closed and Target sold all of its merchandise they had ordered from Smith and Hawken that would be the end of the products.  But wait, I found a brochure in Smith and Hawken aisle that stated Target will be continue this brand in the store and on their web site.

the daily life of my kitchen table, with the New brochure!
It is like a store within a store!  From Target's web site you can view,Outdoor Furniture, Gardening,Decor and in the store are some of the products.  So if you are gearing up for Spring and Summer look no further than Target for good quality English style Smith and Hawken products.  I did clean off my table, by the way!