New Year's Evolutions

The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is one of my favorite times of the year.
The shopping is done, the house is decorated, the gifts are wrapped, and unwrapped, and everyone is off from school or their job. There are relatives to visit, parties to attend, and time to relax a bit. This year was  busier than last with  Doctor visits for both kids, whom now seem to be on the mend. 
The New Year brings so many resolutions and hope to make life better in someway.  Diet plans, exercise machines, health clubs, storage solutions, and home improvement thoughts are all over the place.  I could pick a diet to follow, OR  just eat better food.  I could pick an exercise machine out to use, OR go outside for a walk.  
  Perhaps for me, my resolution is not a resolution but an evolution to improve upon conservation of natural resources.
 Paper and Plastic goods is a place for me to start. I was following  Project Green Bag on Twitter one night and found myself the lucky winner of a tote bag from this company.  The bag is made in the California, !00% biodegradable, 100% cotton, washable, and offered in different styles.Check out their web site to order your own bags and read about their news.  It is a roomy bag, easy to load up at Target or the grocery store.  The Project Green Bag has made me take note to all the bags I am accumulating since stores are offering reusable bags.  Either way, you need a bag, made from some resource, so pick out a natural material bag.  Here is the evolution for me, use  bags I already have, All the time.
I forget the bags,  so here is a solution to that: The Tote Buddy , organization. 
It keeps all your bags together, from falling out of the car, out of the shopping cart, and flying away in the wind.  The binder type organization keeps the bags flat and comes in different patterns.  Swing on over to her web site to see how it works, and the Woman behind this great idea.