Start Getting your Calcium in a Free Cup Of Yoplait Original Yogurt Today

Calcium.  Why do we need Calcium?  It helps build and maintain our bones, and is a main component of our teeth.  Yoplait Original Yogurt  (r) now has 50% of the Daily Value of Calcium your body needs Yoplait  is helping women get started on getting the calcium they need by giving away cups of yogurt in the Yoplait One Million Cup Giveaway. Click the link to get your free cup of yogurt. You can also "like" them on Facebook to get your free cup of yogurt.

 I recently held a taste testing  of Yoplait Original Yogurt (r).  The most popular flavors were: Lemon Burst, Key Lime Pie, French Vanilla, Harvest Peach, and Orange Creme.  Yoplait has a list of the flavors available on their web site and more information on Calcium.  Yoplait Original Yogurt also contains 10-20% of the daily Vitamin D your body needs.
It is the only leading adult yogurt to provide Vitamin D.  One cup of Yoplait Yogurt: Calcium and Vitamin D and it tastes good according to our taste testing. 

 We played a trivia game given to us by MyGetTogether, see if you know the answers: (ok, I will help you out with the answers)
If your body does not get enough calcium from your diet, where does it take calcium from?
answer: YOUR BONES
Calcium absorption is helped when paired with what mineral?
answer: VITAMIN D
up to 90 percent of peak bone mass is acquired by what age?
answer: 18 Girls 20 Boys
What body parts is calcium a key component of?
answer: YOUR BONES and TEETH
Half of women over what age will break a bone?
answer: Age 50 (yikes, I am getting close to that!)
Only 20% of women get enough calcium.  What percentage of women could meet their daily calcium recommendations by adding just ONE yoplait original to their diet each day?
answer: 77% 

Yoplait Yogurt is also great for recipes.  You can use it for Taco Dips, Fruit Dips, Baking, and toppings.  You can find recipes for using Yoplait Original Yogurt by clicking here and using the New tab for Recipes.

Disclosure:  Yoplait Original  provided me with this product and information through MyGetTogether.  The opinions are my own.