Cooking Healthy Food For Your Baby and Win Your Wish List

Last week I had a few days of not feeling so well.  My household had three different aliments going at once last week, but happily all on the mend.  Between, bland foods, soft foods, and not wanting any food for all all, I began to think about the food we eat on a daily basis.
There are areas for major improvement and areas we are doing OK in.   Mothers always say to eat your vegetables.  My least favorite are Green Beans. My parents have a garden at their house, I was always the Green Bean picker. We ate fresh vegetable most of the year from the garden. Now that my husband has taken a liking to growing his own "jersey" tomatoes and asparagus we enjoy the fresh vegetables as well. 

  When my children were at the state of  "baby food" I was not fond of buying all those little jars of food for them.  I usually "smashed" whatever  cooked vegetable we were having for dinner and gave it to the girls that way to eat.  To this day they still like vegetables and fruit, even Green Beans!  Baby products seem to get better every year, for awhile I wished for more kids just so I could buy all the great cool new products that made life easier.  A company that can really help with food preparation and serving is  Baby Brezza .  THE ONE STEP BABY FOOD MAKER from this company is one of those products I would have wished for at the time.  You can steam and blend in the same container with this maker.  It also has the separate settings of ; steam, blend, reheat, and defrost. There are settings on the maker for you to chose the consistency of the food for age appropriate children. Click  Baby Brezza  to watch the video to see how easy the maker is to use. You will find using this maker is cost saving by making your own
baby food instead of buying individually high priced baby food.  The ease and convenience of the steam and blend operation is a time and step saver.  The parts are dishwasher safe too.  You will know exactly what you are feeding your baby since you put the ingredients in the maker as opposed to reading a list of ingredients on the label of packaged foods.  There will be less waste from not having packaged baby food, less for recycling, and for the trash can, and less to clean up. Here is another great thing about the baby food maker:

From January 13, 2001 until February 13, 2011 Babies 'R Us Gift Registry will be giving away and entire Registry to one lucky Mom that is registered, when you ADD the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker to your Resgistry list and click this link to enter and for all the details,  If you are a Mom to be, know someone that needs baby items, have a baby already, or need a gift for a baby shower this is a great product and a really great gift.  If you aren't filling out a Baby Registry you can purchase this item at Babies 'R Us as well.  However, winning one and your entire Registry is a great way to start Mommy life!!!  I know a few Moms that would appreciate a Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker, if you are looking for a gift or wish to enter, click the link!  On the web site you will find other great products from this company such as a Grain Basket to cook Rice, Barley and Cereal to use with the Baby Food Maker.  So head on over to the web site, look around , enter the contest from the links above and cook healthy, budget,environmentally friendly food for your baby.

Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win a gift card and Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker in exchange for this post.  Monetary exchange did not take place.


  1. This sounds like a great gadget to have!!! I make my own baby food and LOVE doing it too! Thanks for the info.

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  3. Hi, there. When my (grown now) kids were babies, I made my own baby food.

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