Waves for Water's Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative

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As we all know, Hurricane Sandy (or Superstorm Sandy, if you prefer) did some seriously terrible damage to our Jersey Shore.  Since the powerful storm left our area, we have been trying to help connect people who need help with those willing to give it through our Facebook page Hurricane Sandy Support Page- South Jersey.   

It's been a while now, and people are still in need of help.  We figure it's time for us to step up and try to make some money for charitable causes that are doing their best to help those in need.  

While painting shells with my daughter last month, she and I thought about different ways we could help.  Then it hit us: How about asking local artists to use elements from the Jersey Shore to make beautiful pieces of art we could auction off?  We could do it all online and have all money go to a worthy charity.  Hmmm... it just might work!

That's how Sandy Treasures was born.

I talked it over with my two other wonderful administrators of the Hurricane Sandy Support Page- South Jersey Jess & Kate and we agreed on having 100% of all proceeds go directly to Waves for Water's Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative.   We have seen all the wonderful work they are doing in our local communities and feel that they are a worthy candidate for a fundraiser.  

Once we receive all the artwork, we will hold the auction right here on this page: http://whateverworks.typepad.com/sandy_treasures_art_aucti/.   

The length of the auction will be determined by how many pieces of art we receive.  If we receive 20 pieces, the auction will run for 22 days.  That will give us one day in the beginning to introduce everything, 20 days to focus on each individual piece and one day at the end to wrap it up.

While the bidding will be open for every piece throughout the auction, we want to give each piece one full day in the spotlight by featuring it on a specific day. The auction will start on April 1st.

The auction process is quite simple.  We will have a picture of the artwork with a description of the piece itself and a biography of the artist.  You will be able to bid for the piece in the comments section.  The winner will then be asked to make a donation directly to Waves for Water in the amount of the winning bid through our fundraiser site within 48 hours of the auction's close.  Once the donation is made, we will get you your brand new piece of art.

Here's the good news... ALL BIDDING WILL START AT $15*!  

That means you could possibly end up with a beautiful new piece of art for your home that not only has sentimental value, but won't break your bank.  

We are really looking forward to this event and hope you are, too.  Please be sure to tell all your art-loving, shore-loving, charity-loving friends and family about it.  Closer to the event, we will be providing sneak peeks at the art along with more information.  Hope you enjoy it!

* If you live locally, we can certainly make arrangements to get you your art without having to ship it.  However, if you DO need a piece shipped you will be responsible for any shipping charges.  

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