noblo ™ is an anchor for dry land mate!

Why would anyone want an anchor for dry land?  Not for a boat, but for a beach umbrella! Moms and Dads rejoice! nobois a nylon bag you or the kids fill with sand to anchor your beach umbrella. Easy to use, fun to use, and provides safe sun protection.

Three easy steps and the umbrella is anchored for the day.
1. fill the bag with sand and cinch the bag closed.
2. attach the Velcro strap above the umbrella spokes.
3. set the bag to the side. Done.

Head to the waves and come back to your shaded, anchored spot on the beach.

When you are ready to head home, dump out the sand, roll up the bag, and store it in your beach bag for the next trip.

noblo™ is the idea of two Mothers that enjoy days on the beach with their families. Umbrellas being carried away in the ocean breeze was a concern. The result is noblo™ , a nylon bag that comes in yellow, pink, turquoise blue, black and bright green. It is  made in New Jersey, USA. A portion of the sales is donated to United States Life Saving Association. To purchase visit their web site Limited time free shipping.

Disclosure: I received this product to review. The views are my own. 

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