My Favorite things of this week

My sister clued me in on these one!  Kleenex brand is having a promotion that allows you to send a  package of Kleenex brand tissues to the person you choose.  All you have to do is visit the web site, fill out your name and whom to send the tissues to! My FAVORITE THING is; the box is adorable, and it is free to send and free to the recipient.

While you are at that site another favorite product of mine is the hand towels made by Kleenex.  The paper towels are in a box/carton that easily fits on the top of the toilet, counter, and where I use them-on the towel bar in my downstairs bathroom.  If you flip the box upside down it fits along the wall and on the towel bar to dispense the towels one at a time.  It works great and you only need one towel since the quality is just as good as Kleenex has been.  Target, Shop Rite, and most major stores sell the towels.  Look for a coupon on those little red machines on the shelf.  My FAVORITE thing is that they have Holiday Patterns on the boxes coming out soon.  An easy decorating idea for your bathroom or even kitchen, especially for house guests, and all those holiday parties.

Today I purchased Holiday Ziploc brand containers, at Wegmans.  The containers come in gold, red, and green. My FAVORITE thing is the new rich colors, really nice to take to a party, or send some leftovers home with your guests.  They are on sale right now at Wegmans two sets for $5.00 with your shoppers card.  Stock up for the holiday time for all those leftovers, cookie exchanges, or even use instead of wrapping paper for your gifts.  You'll be reusing the container, and saving some wrapping paper!

My FAVORITE way to help someone is HEIFER INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL.  This organization helps people around the globe by giving them livestock and/or agriculture.  The families are taught how to take care of the animals and agriculture in a way to earn them a living and feeding their families.
If you are looking for a gift this holiday season or any time of the year consider this organization.  They will even give you a  card when you donate  to give to your recipient.  You can choose from Heifers, goats ,pigs, sheep, rabbits, chicks ,bees, llamas, buffalo, trees, and Ark. Purchase a animal or share of an animal or the Ark, two of all the animals!
Please visit the web site and consider helping them out this year.



  1. I sent off for this: package of Kleenex brand tissues and sent the tissues to my DH! I love FREE! FREE! FREE!

  2. wow! I'm glad to hear that you do action for repairing the world. Doing charity is our obligation. I'm also active in making Tzedakah (charity with justice, in hebrew).

    I will be happy if you knowing my blog about charity institutions,
    "One day and two days"

    Thanks following me on BlogFrog
    I follow you happy. Interesting blog :)

    May the peace be upon You
    Adelle (Isha Shiri)



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