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Do you use the bags from the store, or do you use reusable bags?.

Grocery Store Reusable Bags
L.L. Bean  (r) tote Bags

Target (r) Method (r) reusable bags

When I was a freshman in college I purchased an L.L. Bean boat and tote bag to carry books back and forth to classes.  Since that first purchase I have added many more to my collection in different sizes and colors, for my familyuse.
I carry a small or mini size everyday with extra stuff in in such as tissues, and all those shopper cards, just things I don't want to carry in my purse.  I have used the L.L. Bean bags for a million different things, even ice and some drinks (as far as I know the original use of the bags were for  ice).  I have machine washed some bags even though spot cleaning is the recommendation from the company.  These bags are strong canvas made in Maine.  Most of my bags are stored in the garage along with the store tote bags.
Which brings me to the point of why do I have so many bags?  I really do like tote bags, I used to buy one as  souvenir on trips, got the free ones when I sent in a donation to organizations,went to special events in stores to get the free promotional bag. Now that the plastic bag movement is in full swing, I have accumulated reusable bags from Whole Foods, Wegmans, Trader Joe's, Target,and a few other stores.  Some of these bags were give aways, some I purchased.  The trick is remember to take the bag into the store.  Target will take five cents off your purchase for each bag you bring in to use.  I do use the bags (my youngest daughter always reminds me).
Since each store carries it's own bag naming the store, do we feel obligated to use the corresponding bag to the corresponding store?  Probably not.  Perhaps there can be a universal bag for all to use at  any given store.  The reusable bag movement is great to replace plastic bags it just seems there are more reusable bags around or is it just my house?  By the way I still like tote bags...