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With the adoption of a kitten there comes the purchase of all those cat related things; a litter box, litter, litter box liners, feeding bowls, brushes, toys, and food.( My most unlikable thing is the litter box.)  The items we have purchased so far have been working out well for the kitten.  Yesterday we bought a pack of colorful small plastic balls with bells inside.  The kitten had a lot of fun chasing the balls around the house until they went under a place he could not reach.  Go with the multi pack even though they will all be under your couch in a short time.  
I have looked at some web sites from the products  we have purchased so far.  Visit the sites and  you can sign up for special offers, newsletters, promotions and coupons.
Click on the highlighted word to visit the sites  ARM AND HAMMER Cat Litter available at grocery and chain stores.  HILLS SCIENCE DIET,  this food is mainly found in Pet stores,  and ECO FRIENDLY TOYS, this company uses recycled and natural materials to make their products.  We found these toys at TARGET we  also saw them in other big stores. Another place to sign up for pet information,special offers  is IAMS.  This food is available at Pet stores, grocery stores, and chain stores.  For related topics and all kinds of services and information check out Pet Side web site.  It looks like a lot of topics, products and services are offered on this site.  Happy Trails.

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