Cleaning Product Clutter

I took all the cleaning products from under my kitchen sink and took this picture.  The reason I did this was because I was cleaning and was looking for a certain product, which of course was found under a bathroom sink.  It seems like cleaning the kitchen or bathroom requires each room to have the exact same cleaning products.  For example, three bottles of toilet bowl cleaner.  I have been using Borax for towels in the laundry for several years. The back of the box states Borax can be used for kitchen and bathroom cleaning.  You can add it to the dishwasher soap for extra cleaning power.  Borax is natural and will deodorize.  As far as a liquid soap for cleaning, Sals Suds Cleaner is a new one for me, in fact I haven't purchased or tried it yet.  According to their web site you can use this cleaner for dishes, laundry and anything else.  Ok, so I am down to one box, and one liquid cleaner (after I use up what is in the house now I will purchase the Sals Suds Cleaner).

Both these products are made with natural ingredients . Simple and clean for cleaning.  The hard part is sticking to one or two products,but less clutter is a win in my book.


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