Is it Christmas already!

This past weekend I noticed Christmas Decorations and loot for sale in several stores, and ads are showing cheery families dressed in their winter attire.
It is October, can we have Halloween and Thanksgiving first?  I realize some people are already shopping for Christmas and the sales are starting to rev up for bargain hunters, however what is the rush!!!  Lets just wallow in the falling leaves-which are still pretty green here-carve some pumpkins and eat too much candy.  Of course you can compile a list, budget for those items, keep an eye out for a sale, and if you really have to, BUY it now. 
The older and of course wiser I become, the thought of holidays becomes a time of family get togethers and some yummy food.  The children opening presents is fun to watch, escpecially if I have bought the RIGHT item.  Shop for bargins, don't decorate... yet.

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