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What is under your sink?  When METHOD  brand products became available, I was interested in the ingredients. The company uses earth friendly solutions in all their products.   Method has not only packaged cleaning products in stylish, user friendly bottles, containers, and packages,they really work.   How many times have you sprayed down the bathtub walls and are holding your breath until you can get to an open window?  Try Method spray cleaners, they come in great scents too, like Spearmint, and Lemon Verbena.
 Method has a full line of cleaners to not only clean your house, but make it smell like Mother Earth intended and not like bleach!
Visit their web site View the entire line, look for specials, sign up for their email, and read all their happenings.  Method  sent me this tee shirt several years ago!  It is made in America by American Apparel.

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  1. LOVE the T-shirt! People against Dirty. I need that one - especially after cleaning the bathrooms at the campground before they were closed up.


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