Put Cuddle + Kind on your holiday gift list and help provide meals to children in need.

Whoa, I found a cat in my mailbox.
Yes, a cat. It's true. 
We have an extra large mailbox, so, a cat could really fit inside. 

He told me his name is Maximus, and he was born on July 26.

I asked him why in world was he in my mailbox?

He replied: I Like to meet people, and of course I like fish, and sunny spots to take a nap in. 

Then he just kept talking and telling me that for each doll purchased, like himself, 10 nutritious meals are provided to children in need.

So, I said well, come on inside my warm sunny house and tell me more about how a cat can give meals to children in need. (I didn't tell him we have a fish tank because we don't eat those fish, but I had some cat treats for a back up, in case he asked for a snack).

Once we got inside my house, he said open your lap top and go to Cuddle + Kind web site. There I saw so many soft, cuddly dolls like Maximus.

There are lambs, dogs, bunnies, unicorns, and mermaids, fox, deer, and mermaids.

Oh my gosh they are all so adorable. really. And they are available in two sizes, regular and little. 

Go look for yourself. 

Don't miss the selection of inspirational PRINTS that sell for $20.00 each and provide 5 meals to children in need with each print purchased. 

The Woodgate family of five  works with their distinguished partners: World Food Program USA., Children's Hunger Fund, Breakfast Club of Canada and WE Charity to provide nutritious meals to children in need. 

The dolls are  handmade with natural cotton yarns. Just look at the detail on Maximus, love those fish on his sweater.

Each Cuddle + Kind doll is Artisan made, lovingly handcrafted and          ethically produced.

Meet the Woodgate family and their Cuddle + Kind dolls:

You know these dolls are the perfect gift for those on your holiday lists this year or for any occasion all through out the year. 

Let's see who could you buy  an adorable keepsake dolls for?

  • Baby Shower
  • New Baby
  • Children
  • Christmas gifts
  • Donate a doll or two to your child's school for play time.
  • Birthday gift
  • Welcome home baby
  • For the big brother or sister of a newborn sibling
  • A warm gift for someone in the hospital to keep them company
  • Anyone you love
  • Grandparents
  • Yourself

Happy shopping on CuddleandKind.com

Order early for holiday gift giving!

Disclosure: I was sent a Cuddle + Kind doll and information for this post.
The comments and views are my own.

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