Seven ideas for Seven days with The Family Breakfast Project

What is your family's morning time like? My husband likes to greet the kids with a "good morning" everyday in the kitchen. My kids usually don't give a vocal response, it's more of a "look", like why are you talking to me so early in the morning? I might be guilty of that too.

Breakfast time is a time to connect with the family at the beginning of a new day. Some mornings we are running late or in a hurry to get out the door so those good mornings aren't happening.  One thing that makes mornings easier is to set out the cereal, bowls, spoons, glasses, and napkins so the kids can help themselves. I keep the milk and juice at the front of the fridge and grab and go foods like yogurt in sight too.

Cheerios has partnered with the Family Dinner Project, to help families access the benefits that a family meal can give not just in feeding the family, but connecting with each other.

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Seven Days to Family Breakfast:
Make the time for 7 minutes for 7 days to share breakfast time as a family. 

  • Day 1.Depending on your children's age, have them or help them chose what they will wear to school the next day, this way they can get ready for school faster and have more time for breakfast.
  • Day 2. Converse with your kids about their wish or worry of the day. Is it a big test day, do they have to do a presentation, or is there a concern or accomplishment at school. Follow up at dinner time asking them what was the best and worst moment of the day. This is the time you can give your parent advice.
  • Day 3. Have a special breakfast food ready for them today. Make granola bars or cookies the day before with the kids. Keep the conversation going today about what your life was like when you were a kid. Did you walk to school, take the bus, ride your bike? Did you play sports, sing or play an instrument?
  • Day 4. If your kids are old enough to make coffee, show them how to do it and let them make the coffee today. Be sure to keep a careful eye on the workings. Serve yourself coffee and give the kids juice or milk. Have a new fruit ready for them to try this morning. Maybe a tropical fruit and talk about a vacation destination they would like to visit.  
  • Day 5. Story day: Have everyone tell a one story sentence about what they think will happen today. At dinner share the stories.
  • Day 6.Make a cute breakfast, maybe a cut out sandwich of peanut butter and banana or animal shaped pancakes. Use colorful plates, silverware and cups.
  • Day 7. Set up a yogurt parfait bar. Set out fruit, Cheerios, yogurt, sprinkles, nuts, raisins, cut up fruit, whatever your kids fancy. Use clear cups to let each person make their own creation. Sit down together at the table and enjoy the stories around the breakfast table.

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    Breakfast time can be as easy as pouring a bowl of cereal and sitting down together to connect. Let the kids give ideas on what they like for breakfast on school days and on weekends when there might be more time for cooking.
Connect with your family at all meals of the day when you can. For more ideas, recipes, and to join the family dinner plan go to
What's for breakfast at your house tomorrow?
Disclosure; I received Family Breakfast Project resources and products from General Mills for this post. The comments and views are my own.

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