How my high school typing class taught me to type but not to right.

I use Grammarly's plagiarism checker because I like cats, but not copy cats. 

I've been typing since high school. I took typing 1 and 2 in high school just because I liked to type. I had no interest in becoming a secretary or work at a job where I would be typing. The challenge was to see how fast I could type without errors. Spelling mistakes were frowned upon by the teacher, but sentence structure was not part of the lesson.

Now that I've entered the blogging world, I type all day long. Well, not all day but my kids think I do. Once I write a post and click the publish tab I go back and read the post. I always find spelling mistakes or sentences that don't  make sense. Even though I re-read the post before I published it I find mistakes. (missed the s on sentence)

When you write a post or article check your work on Grammarly's  plagiarism checker to be sure you aren't using content from another source that is not yours. You can also check to see your content is not on another web page you might not know about.

When writing a post, I might have left an s off a word or used the wrong word for he meaning of the sentence. I even type words knowing I spelled them wrong and use the spell checker to spell the word correctly. Unfortunately the spell check does not always catch the words I spelled wrong in my hasty typing or perhaps my knowledge of the spelling.

So far in this post I have five words with the squiggly line under them to notify me I have typed the worked incorrectly.

It's time to hit the ABC check at the top of the post. Let's see how I did, five misspelled words, and a few words the spell check did not recognize. Those are the words I miss and end up in the published post.

How can I find my spelling and gramatic errors?  By using Grammarly, "It catches up to ten times more mistakes than word processing software". You can check for grammar and even check for plagiarism. The copy and paste function is awesome, but plagiarism is not awesome. Bloggers know all too well about that topic. (forgot the s in bloggers and e on paste)

Grammarly not only checks for your mistakes, it's helps you with your grammar and to become a better writer. It's easy to use- just drop your text in the box on their web page and let Grammarly check for mistakes. It's an automated proof reader of your text.

Check out the 10 reasons why Grammarly is likable. (hope I spelled likable right) (nope I did not) I'd like to improve on my use of explanation points. How many times a day do you use an explanation point? I'd also like to improve on my sentence structure. What areas do you want to improve upon in your writing?

post script: I dropped this post text into the box on Grammarly's plagiarism checker.  I had 35 grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style errors. That would not be an A in typing or English class.

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