BOMBS OVER NOWHERE Debut Album and my college commute

So, I listened to "It's Gonna Find You" , as soon as the song ended I said, more!  As in I want to hear more of this music. Bombs Over Nowhere has a sound that reminds me of music I used to listen to on my way back and forth to college when I commuted for a brief period at the end of my degree work.  Never mind my reason for enjoying this band. Have a listen for yourself and see what you think, oh and there is two songs on this post so there is more, and even more- their Debut EP is set to be released on Feb 25, 2014.

Bombs Over Nowhere - "It's Gonna Find You" Official Video

Aaron Espe and busbee:

"Bombs Over Nowhere is a collaborative project from Aaron Espe and busbee, two musicians who’ve taken the best parts of their solo work – Espe’s voice and introspective lyrics, busbee’s chart-topping songwriting skills – and rolled them into something bigger. It’s uplifting pop/rock, packed with the raw emotion of Glen Hansard and the polished craft of Roy Orbison."

“Most of the songs are about struggle and how a relationship – usually love – overcomes that struggle,” says Espe, a folk singer/songwriter with five solo albums under his belt. “I easily write rainy day songs, but we wanted to steer things more positively.”

"Longtime friends before they became band mates, busbee and Espe began co-writing after Espe moved to Nashville. The first song they wrote for the project was “It’s Gonna Find You,” a haunting ballad anchored by piano, falsetto vocals and anthemic percussion. That sound became the foundation of Bombs Over Nowhere.'

Do you want to hear more? Well, here it is. If I had more to share I would! The album is out February 25, 2014. Did you figure out what band I listened to on my college commute? It was the Traveling Wilburys -Roy Orisbon. Imagine that. When I started to listen to "It's Gonna Find You" that was the first thing I thought of-Traveling Wilburys.

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