Ways to keep your home well maintained on the outside with Peter's Roofing

20 years ago my husband and I purchased a brand new house, built in a brand new neighborhood. We have two girls, young adults now with their own homes.

In the years we lived in this brand new home we made improvements, repairs, painted walls, and dealt with water damage from heavy rains and winds. We experienced hurricanes, hot days, and snowy days that nature took a toll on the roof, siding, gutters, and chimney. 

When I look at a house, I look at the roof, there is so much real estate atop a house. If the roof is stained, missing shingles, faded, or looks ugly, to me that's a big sign to replace the roof. 

Most everyone in our neighborhood of 50 houses has replaced their roof. I envy those nice clean, fluffy roofs. By fluffy I mean the shingles look kind of 3 D, and I suppose there is a word for that type of shingle. 


We are the hold out neighbor, holding out until our house went on the market to see what the buyer would want done with the roof. Personally I'd have replaced it but the first showing brought us our first offer, and we took it. We had roof repairs made by a local handyman, and we learned the hard way to call a professional first, always.


Take a look at this new roof, with the fluffy shingles! A girl can dream, right. I love the look of the clean, neat, and orderly fashion of these shingles. 

        Photo Credit: Peter's Roofing

When looking to replace or repair your roof, visit Peter's Roofing, it is a family owned business since 2011. Serving Northern and Central New Jersey. Peter's Roofing offers 24 hour emergency repair services and same day repairs.


Ways to keep your roof in good working order:

My advice is if you see damage or need replacements, call a professional. Skip the weekend handyman job, or the weekend DIY project. 


Are there any missing or loose shingles that you see? Look at your roof on a windy day. Are the shingles in place? Look on the ground for shingles that have come off the roof on the ground as well that you might notice. This is an indication that you need to get someone to take a look at whatever damage might be going on. 


Check for leaks on ceilings and walls.   Do you see water stains, or perhaps water dripping from your ceiling?  This is an indication that there could be potential damage not only to your walls but also due to snow melting or water coming in after a storm because of a crack somewhere. 


Do you see loose and clogged gutters? We had a tennis ball stuck in the gutter and that made a waterfall down the side of the house, right into the basement. 

Keep your gutters clean and fully operational by using a ladder to get up near the gutter, a trash bag or a leaf blower to get all the gunk and debris out of those gutters. This also helps keep the water running smoothly through those pipes and not into your home.


Look for leaks inside your house that would be the place on the roof where the vent stacks stick out of the roof. The "boot" on ours had decayed and water leaked into the house at several spots corresponding with the vent stack.


Take a walk around your house looking up at the roof, gutters, sky lights, attic fans, and chimney. Make notes of damage or signs of wear on any of these areas.


Call a professional for repairs and/or replacement for all your roofing needs. Peter’s Roofing are true professionals to help with any questions, concerns or advice on roof repair needs in the Newark area. You can be sure to feel safe, secure, and know your roof and loved ones are in good hands thanks to this incredible business. 

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