Key ways to have your own backyard splendor.

What would your dream backyard look like?

What would your dream backyard look like to you? For me it would be the perimeter of the yard to be non stop blooming annuals and perennials in weed free garden beds. I'd love lush green grass that feels like the best carpet you ever walked on in your bare feet. Sans any creepy crawly animals in this dream backyard.

I've covered the plants and grass but what could I add to make my yard into an outdoor living space? Lilac trees are my favorite. In the Spring they are lush, full of lilac blooms and the fragrance is a sure aroma of Spring. The winter months the lilac tree looks like many other trees that lose their leaves. The use of Evergreen trees can help fill in areas that are deciduous trees.

 My top picks for plants, trees, and shrubs for the yard:

  • Lilac (refereed to as shrub or tree)
  • Butterfly Bush
  • Evergreen (tree)
  • Pussy Willow (tree) Spring bloomer
  • Curly Willow (tree)
  • Weeping Willow (tree)
  • Forsythia (bush) Spring bloomer
  • Mint (plant) fragrant, and spreads.
  • Fever Few (Plant) good for hard to grow areas
  • Peony (plant)
My Grandmother and Mother had beautiful perennial gardens.
Every Saturday in the Spring and Summer my Mother would spend the day tending to her vegetable and flower garden. Our Summer meal sides would be straight out of the garden. I had the job of picking green beans every single dinner time. I didn't care much for green beans then or now!
My sister has carried on the tradition of stunning plants and vegetables. As for myself...I don't claim to have the knack for gardening. I need a back up plan, a professional, ideas, and all the help I can get in the garden area.

My imagination doesn't give me too many ideas, but looking at Onorato Landscaping LLC  I can see way more than I imagined in my backyard. Take a look at their portfolios to see the beautiful landscaping and Hardscaping completed works. Onorato Landscaping LLC offers services from design, build, and  maintenance of your outdoor areas.  Jot down your likes, ideas, and wants on a list to keep your motivation up to speed on your dream backyard. Research for plants and trees that thrive in your neck of the woods. Choose native plants for a better outcome in growth. Take a walk or drive around neighborhoods near where you live to narrow down your likes and dislikes of what you'd like in your yard. 

Make your backyard comfy and cozy for year long use. 

Use outdoor furniture like sofas, chairs, and gliders for your guests to sit and relax. Make sure you have plenty of seats for everyone. We have a stack of outdoor chairs we can grab out of the garage for extra seating. Place umbrellas or canopies over these areas for shade or even in the event of a light rain. A pavilion for shade and dining areas makes a great place for strings of lights, plants, or wind chimes.

The fire pit.

It seems every backyard these days has a fire pit. Do your research in shopping for a fire pit. I find it is best to choose a reputable company like Onorato Landscaping for your fire pitMy dream backyard would have a fire pit and also an outdoor fireplace. Keep S'mores fixings on hand for impromptu get-togethers with neighbors. Plan a make your own pizza night and cook them in the fireplace. If I had nothing else in my backyard, it would be a fire pit. From the glow of the fire, the warmth of the fire, and the relaxation of gathering around with friends is priceless.

Ideas to make your backyard into a outdoor living room:

  • Outdoor furniture: sofas, chairs, dining sets, gliders, benches, swings.
  • Pathways and walkways with lighting.
  • A pool, hot tub, waterfall feature.
  • Outdoor cooling fans and heaters.
  • Strings of lights for soft lighting.
  • Umbrellas and canopies for shade.
  • Candles that repel biting bugs.
  • Fire pit and/or fireplace ideas from Bergen County Fire Pits 
  • Interesting decor or bird feeders add interest to your yard.
  • Use the color blue! It's a clam color. I like to use gazing balls for added color and reflection.
  • Have a set up so guest can help themselves to food and beverages.
  • Bird feeders to attract a variety of colorful birds.
  • Statues of ocean birds, mermaids, or other nautical themed decor.
  • Take clues from nature for decor ideas. 

Put your backyard plans in motion now for Summer and the upcoming Fall season. Take the indoors outdoors. Make comfy living areas in your yard for peace and quiet or spending time with others.  Carefree and easy maintenance will give you more time to enjoy your yard rather than having to pull weeds and cut the grass. 

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