I won a TRTL BOT ® now what am I going to do with it?

Earth day has come and gone.  Hopefully, we all learned something we can do to be better stewards of the earth. Aside from reinforcing the ideas of the three R's, I learned about a company that makes cases for iPhone brand phones. It wasn't an ad in a magazine or an ad on TV that I found out about this company, it was from GreenGiftsGuide Facebook page. The BLOG of the same name has a wonderful guide you can request and great tips and ideas on making better gift giving choices.

So, what about the phone cases? Here is the scoop:
 The company's name is TRTL BOT  ®. 
*made out of recycled plastic bottles
*made and designed in the United States of America
*member of 1 % for the planet to help protect sea turtles
*available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 and 3GS
*available in black and white AND...
*available in NEW colors sky blue, grass green and pink May 1, 2011
*available in  minimalist style and able to hold up to three cards/id's
*available in trtl stand4 style to prop up iPhone4 (facetime, watch video,timed photos)
*available just for you- a discount code! use TRTLPOWER on the Official Web Site

3G/3GS case package

cover of 3G/3GS

snap in phone this side

sky blue trtl stand 4 back iphone4

sky blue trtl stand 4 iphone4
all the features of iPhone are accessible

There are phone cases in every department store, mall kiosk, and mobile phone store. And, yes I could have bought one from there, but not with so many benefits as TRTL BOT cases.  Most people buy a case to protect their phone from damage, or in my case dropping the phone.

 What am I going to do with TRTL BOT ® Use it.  

Now for the disclosure part:  I did win a case from the company's announcement on Facebook and Twitter of the new colors release, thanks to GreenGiftsGuide sharing about the product.  I also ordered another case  using the discount code  TRTLPOWER for 15% off my order. My experience with the ordering and shipping was two days. That is fast. 
This writing is of my own views and information.  Please visit the web site of said company for specific information.  Are you still here?  Do you need the address? http://www.trtlbot.com/
Still here? oh, the discount code TRTLPOWER 

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