Getting a Head Start on Arbor Day with Hefty ® Brands

Spring makes me start thinking about backyard cookouts, fire pit nights, picnics and paper plates.  Anytime I am in a grocery store or department store I end up in  the paper goods aisle.  I may not need any paper goods, I just like to see what is new in the world of paper plates.  I used to keep a stack of paper plates on my kitchen counter for the kids to use, but recently have taken them off the counter and slowed down in my purchasing of the plates.  As a parent and an adult it would seem it is my responsibility to teach my kids, but sometimes they teach me...about conservation, and using less paper products.  So the plates are off the counter, and we use a lot less of them.  Instead of the latest prettiest plates I used to buy, I have purchased:

The Hefty Basics  paper plates are: microwavable, have no inks or coatings, and are biodegradable.    Although they are light brown and not the latest fashion plate I usually buy, I do like the plates.  They hold up well, don't soak through, and cost less that than other brands of biodegradable paper plates.  The plates area available in a 10 1/4 inch plate 24 count pack, and a 8 5/8  inch plate 45 count plate.  The outer wrap of the plates has a Box Tops For Education Label you can save if your school or organization collects the labels.
Hefty Basics is partnering with Arbor Day Foundation to help replant the Nation's Forests.
Not only do you get to use the plates, you help out two other organizations with your purchase.

Kitchen trash bags are one of those items I do not like to buy, even with a coupon!  It does seem a bit of over bagging with the use of the kitchen trash bag, then another trash bag in the large bin in the garage.  If this sounds familiar, this is another product I found recently  Hefty Renew trash bags,that I like also.  The bags are  gray. The  bags are mae from;  65% recycled plastic, 10% post consumer, and 55% pre-consumer plastic.  The bags are available in 13 gallon and 33 gallon sizes.  The box has a Box Tops for Education Label on the back just like the plate wrapper.  These gray bags many not be the clean looking white kitchen trash bag, but if you need to use a plastic trash bag, give these a try. (Kohl's also uses gray bags, using less resources)

Hefty Brand Renew Trash Bags

Arbor Day is April 29, 2011 and these two new products from Hefty are a good start for my household.  To learn more about these products visit Hefty at these locations:

"like" HeftyBasics on Facebook and help them plant trees through Arbor Day Foundation!

Disclosure:  These are my own comments and views.  I did not receive any compensation from Hefty to write this post.  Please visit Hefty Brands web site for specific product information.