Frito Lay dip CREATIONS are All Natural Goodness

One of the companies I follow on Twitter is Frito Lay ®. On March 14, 2011 it was National Potato Chip Day and  Frito Lay ® was having a giveaway, and I won!   A few days later the nice delivery man left a package on my porch from Frito Lay ®. There was a bag of Lays Plain Potato Chips in the box and two packages of New dip mixes,  Garden Onion, and Country Ranch.

Using  the "dip Creations" directions, I mixed the dip package with one container of sour cream (16 ounce).  The package directions state to chill one hour before serving, I chilled it overnight,  I usually do that with any dip mix just so the flavors have more time to mix.  The dip was good. We had it with the plain chips, and sandwiches for lunch.  It will be good for as a vegetable dip too.  It has a nice onion flavor, but not to strong.  It is made with all natural ingredients, no Msg, no preservatives and no artificial flavors.  The dips also come in Country Ranch and Freshly made Guacamole -great for Tostitos.  You can learn more about the dips here. I like the fact that the dips are freshly prepared when you are ready for them, since I seem to have that half full container of dip in my refrigerator that is looking tired.  The dip packs are easy to store, easy to use, and are really tasty!  I probably would not have tried this dip had Frito Lay not sent it to me, I would have stuck to the same old, full of preservative dip I usually buy. We do like this brand of potato chips, especially the Lightly Salted Potato Chips, and now we have a new dip, that is made with All Natural Ingredients.  All three types of this dip will be good for chips, as well as vegetables, and recipes.
To learn more about Frito Lay visit their web site, follow them on Twitter, and Like them on FaceBook.

Disclosure:  These are my own comments and views .   Please visit their web site for specific product information.


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  2. Oooh! This are some of my favorite chips! It is nice to see them out with a new dip. I am going to look for these. We love having dips and dressings to use for our veggies so this is great! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You know, I saw this in the grocery store the other day and made a mental note to try it some day. I am going to pick some up and try it this weekend!

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