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About 12 years ago I started using Method  ® cleaning products.  It was the hand soap that won me over at first, then the household cleaners.  Method  ® asked their followers to go on a crusade to keep wooden furniture clean, nourished, and conditioned.  I was sent a box of Four Method  ® Wood For Good bottles. My mission was to get three of those bottles in the hands of non-converted people.  So, here is the list:

1) My sister. Why: she cleans a lot, more than I do!   She  is an avid gardener and awesome, did I say awesome flower arranger. She surly will appreciate Wood For Good's non toxic almond scent. 
2) My niece-this is my sister's daughter. Why: Well she is her Mother's daughter, and she recently moved into her own apartment. She is a natural kinda girl anyway.  Wood For Good will clean, and condition her new furniture a breeze just like Mother nature intended.
3) My future niece this is my sisters son's, soon to be wife!   Starting her off with Method  ®
Wood For Good for their new house is pretty clean.  (I will be buying her more Method ® products for her shower, hope she doesn't read this...)

Reusing shopping bags and tissue paper I placed a bottle in each bag with a information sheet on the wood cleaning products offered by Method ®. I quietly left them on their doorstep for them to discover! A few photos:

License to clean badges

Wood for Good with Tip Sheet

Ready to go on license to clean mission

My mission was to introduce  Wood for Good to three people.  The fourth bottle was for use in my own house. Most of the furniture in my house as well as my sister, brother and parents house is handmade by my Grandfather.   From china cupboards to end tables we have been given furniture made by him with wood from land he owned.  Of course we do not want to clean, polish or condition that furniture with just any brand of treatments.
Wood for Good is non- toxic, and made with natural ingredients. It does clean, polish and condition the furniture nicely.  it also makes the house smell nice, not that canned furniture spray smell! 

To learn more about Method ®, purchase Wood For Good, and read the founders story click HERE ( if you already past the first link).

Disclosure:  Yes I was sent Four Bottles of Wood For Good to get in the hands of non-converted persons.  I wrote this post to spread the word of non-toxic cleaners, because I wanted to.    My review: yes, I will recommend Method brand cleaners anytime, anywhere, any day. Yes, they are that good.

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  1. Thanks for the post! I'm going to check it out! I use Murphys Oil Soap...I even use it in the wash to get out extra greasy stains and great, but leaves a smell on clothes :(



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