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Spring. The season the earth brings us the beauty of flowers, sunshine, and warm days. My region of the country has seen our fill of snow. Days and days of snow. Then a bit of relief comes along...a story with the sights and sounds of Freeport. Not Freeport, Maine, although it's one of my favorite places to visit...this is Freeport, Bahama Island. 

  • Dolphin Island is Dove approved for all ages.
  • Winner of Best Feature film at the Christian Film Festival 2021.
  • A heart warming film for the family and friends to watch together. Make it a movie night and enjoy the warmth and fellowship of Dolphin Island.
  • Visit Dolphin Island for resources, purchase the film, images, and official trailer.
  • Enter the giveaway on this post for your chance to win a digital download code of Dolphin Island. 

About the film:

14-year-old Annabel lives with her fisherman grandfather on an island paradise. She is surrounded by an extended family of loving but quirky neighbors and her best friend - a dolphin named Mitzy. Everything changes when her maternal grandparents arrive with a shifty lawyer to bring her back to New York. It's up to Annabel and her friends to figure out how to save the day and prove that love conquers all!

I was a bit relieved the film wasn't dolphin filled, but more about family, accountability, and friendships.  Annabel is a teenager that lives with her Grandfather on his fishing boat. They fish early in the morning, return to shore to sell their catch, then Annabelle goes off to school. 

I thought how much work she does, but then we see her having fun with her girlfriends. Her grandfather has care of Annabel due to the passing of her parents in an accident. Her parents started the Dolphin research area where Annabel and her Grandfather live.

But what about the other side of the family? Well, the Grandparents on that side, decide they want Annabel to be with them. They have the ways and means to bring Annabel back to live with them. She doesn't want to leave the island, but being a minor, their attorney is a bit sly and has Annabel sent back with the Grandparents.


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  1. I'd like to visit Japan one of these days.

    1. that sounds like a good place to visit, maybe a long flight, but neat to see different parts of the world.



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