Green Gift Monday is Here!

Today is Green Gift Monday!  Click the button to the right of this post to shop GREEN today.  Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I am thankful for my Family and many friends, and having my basic needs of; food, clothing, and shelter provided for each day.
All of these needs take resources from the earth. In my slow progression to use less resources for my basic needs needs. I am always looking for products that are reusable, recyclable, and natural to help ease my impact on the earth and the trash can.  My use of paper towels and paper napkins is a big area for me to conserve at home and away from home. 

  I have recently found out about People Towels.  These are personal hand towels that are made from 100% Organic Fair Trade Cotton. They are reusable, washable, earth friendly  towels with neat designs. These towels are for  use away from home in place of paper towels/napkins.  I know myself and I usually use more than one paper towel in a restroom to dry my hands, and paper napkins, well I use too many of those also!  People Towels are made from organic cotton, are machine washable, quick drying, convenient and easy to tote with you all day long.  You will find other uses for them such as a place mat and/or napkin away from home, or even uses in your home. The benefit of using People Towels is Zero Waste.  The Towels are washable to reuse.  There are no Tree Resources used to make the towels, there is not any waste after using the towel, and there is no decomposing of the used People Towel, no landfill addition of trash or methane gas given off by the decomposing paper towels.  Visit People Towels web site by clicking the highlighted words or HERE.  At their web site you can read about the origin of People Towels, why they are better than paper towels to use, find locations that sell People Towels, and do online ordering with FREE Shipping November 29 until December 5, 2010. 

This is Cyber Monday so  this year try buying green products on this day of Green Gift Monday.  To help you get to the right sites in Green Gift Monday click the big button on the right of this post, or  go to the site of Green Gift Monday to shop with them and their partners, such as People Towels in Green Gift Monday.


  1. Hello!
    Very nice to keep the conscience for a better world.

    I loved your posts and encouragement for good causes. It's a pleasure to me follow the blog. I think you are good person.

    I wish you Peace.
    Happy Hanukkah (Festival of Lights) and Happy Christmas too.

  2. Hi Allison! I found you by you finding me on blog frog. I love it, especially the template (mine is the same lol). I'm offerring a giveaway of reusable snack/sandwich bag set over on mine. Come visit!

  3. Hi Allison, I'm visiting form BlogFrog! I'm so glad I read this post as I'm always looking for green products to add to our household and to use at my spa parties. I'm definitely going to check out these towels, thanks:)



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