Holiday Green Gifts

As you are planning your Holiday Shopping list for those cute little stocking suffers here are some thoughts from my youngest daughter on her favorite products based on;  Natural, Organic, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, EDTA Free, and Environmentally happy.  EOS products can be found at Drug Stores and ULTA.  Their lip balm is a unique package and the perfect fit for a stocking stuffer.  They company uses natural ingredients and recyclable packaging.

Lush, Products are handmade soaps that smell absolutely wonderful.  They are offering some really cute products for this Christmas.   The company seems to be growing and might end up in a mall or area near you. The soap in the store are mostly sold by the pound and then put in paper wrapping, so earthy.  I have bought soap from them several times and honestly works great for a room freshener, the fragrance is that good.(works just as well for its soap purpose)
The also sell foot scrubs that are nice and just as fragrant. For pampering, they sell bath balls that fizz in the tub and soften skin.    It is reasonably priced and well worth the visit in store or web site.   The sales people will be in conversation with you a lot and even let you try their products with soap and water. I appreciate the paper wrapping and not all the over wrapped bars of soap we buy in the bigger stores.  When you spend $100 you will earn a $10 e-card, details on their web site.

Another cute offering for tiny trinkets is from Ulta in their 5 for $5 deal.  It is a mix and match of selected travel like sizes. Their add shows; lip balm, lotion ,nail polish, makeup brushes, mirror, 3 piece nail set, 3 piece pedicure set. While supplies last, and all those little details at the store should be available.  I can not speak for all the ingredients in this mix and match promotion.  On our last trip to Ulta, my daughter spent a good amount of time reading the labels of hair spray bottles looking for a crutley free one, and the store brand, Ulta did list it was cruelty free, so read the labels and decide for yourself. 

For Cats and Dogs, Pet Smart is offering more choices in natural foods.  Click on the highlighted word and print out coupons in savings of $50.00 , of course that would be printing all the coupons.

In your holiday decorating Kmart is offering a trade in off your old Christmas lights.  When you bring them to the store and trade them in, and you trade up to Energy Star qualified light sets you receive a $4.00 coupon/credit towards the new set. I have not seen this yet this year, but Home Depot last year had a bin you could put your old light sets in for recycling.