The day after Halloween

At 8:00 AM this morning I headed to my local Target Store.  Why so early and what for???  It is the day after a holiday, and that means 50% of Halloween decorations.  Where else would I be!  Over the last several years my sister, mother and I head to our respective Target store the day after a holiday looking for decorations, paper goods, and gifts.  We usually call each other to see if what we are looking for is at the store we are in -since we all live in different areas.  It is like we each have three shoppers instead of just ourselves.  I have gotten better at really not loading up my cart and coming home with things I have to find a place for.  So this year I went with Fall printed paper goods, less storage, half off, and useful.  
The most obvious thing I noticed this morning was not the 50% off Halloween, but the fact that Christmas has arrived overnight.  The store was so busy with store clerks filling shelves with Christmas merchandise.  The entire Halloween section was being disassembled to make way for the next holiday.  Oh yea, that will be Thanksgiving, not Christmas.   I don't go running out the door the day after Thanksgiving for Turkey decorations, probably because there is not a whole section devoted to turkeys, pilgrims, and Indians.  Thanksgiving to me is a quiet holiday and a time to give thanks.

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  1. Uggg.....the Christmas stuff. Can you believe that I saw a couple of stores with the FULL Christmas gear up in mid-Oct?!
    And did I miss it last year, or was it just this year that Target didn't reduce their candy by the same amount as their clearance Holiday goods? Lame.



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