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What to do with all those lists

This time of year my lists are growing. I make lists of things to do, things to buy, places to go, things to pickup or drop off, and rooms to clean.  I make lists almost daily, the list is plural because somehow the first list I made is either in the bottom of my purse, a pile of papers on my kitchen table, or in the car.  The world wide web offers tons of free printable forms to help people such as myself contain their list (s).  A favorite of mine is Organized Christmas, here you will find free printables to use all year long.
I particularly like the Christmas printables to organize  the shopping and tasks of this time of year.
Their web site offers holiday crafts, recipes, planners, and forms free to print.  They have holiday jingles to print and add the ingredients to a "treat bag".  The Christmas Magic Reindeer Food printable is great for children.

One of the forms I printed out was the Stocking Stuffers.  From my stash of Computer printer paper I chose a small width border to print out the form.
I usually buy this paper after Christmas at Target or Hallmark when it is marked down in price. 

The Stocking Stuffer Form is already is use with some great 5 for $5.00 deals from Ulta. They have a table full of little stocking stuffers for all ages of females.(use your coupon from the Sunday paper, and also sign up for their rewards program to get coupons in the mail)  Lip balms, lotions, nail polish, purse sized mirrors, soaps, and more. The store also had a new batch of EOS lip balms for adding to the list of stocking stuffers.  The Printables from organized Christmas make all the cooking, cleaning,shopping, card writing, and even putting it all away a little easier on ourselves.


  1. having a list is a good thing it helps them to remember what they need to do. now for me the only list I have is my prayer list and things to pick up at the store...

  2. Thanks so much for the link to organized Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! Love that!

  3. I am definetly like you I make list for everything they make my life so much easier. I feel lost without them ;)

  4. I love making lists, the problem is I also lose them.

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  5. Great resources! <3

  6. Great resources! <3

  7. Awesome links. I'll check them all out. :)

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