Years ago in my High School Days, I spent one Summer working at a State Park in a Conservation Program.  Although it was my Summer job and I did receive a pay check, I also learned a great deal about the outdoor world.
Monday through Friday I would car pool to a State Park and my co workers and I would work at improving and maintain the State Park. The work was hard and the days were long.  Our "boss" was also our teacher.  We were taught all about the living park and how to maintain and respect nature.  Clearing Trails, and making new areas for visitors to enjoy was a daily activity along with outdoor classroom instruction.  I enjoy going to State Parks probably because my family and I spent many weekend picnics in State Parks.  I  went on to college to study Outdoor Recreation and Conservation of the Environment.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is working hard to education Students in outdoor classrooms. Students learn about bodies of water-rivers, streams, lakes and the Bay.  These bodies of water all lead to the Atlantic Ocean.  You may have noticed Storm drains on the streets are now marked "no dumping, drains to the bay".  All the water flows to the bay and ultimately the Ocean. Where ever you live, it is vital to the water supply to keep it clean for humans, animals, and the aquatic habitat.

The refresheverything  competition by Pepsi is going on now until November 30, 2010. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is competing for a $250,000 Grant for their Outdoor Classrooms.  Make a visit to and vote for them. You can also text a message: 104040 to Pepsi (73774) daily.  Make your Facebook and/or Twitter status to vote, and spread the word to vote for The Chesapeake Bay Foundation Outdoor Classrooms. You can also click the vote button on the top right of this post to VOTE!

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