Reclaiming Plastic Bags into Decking Material

Over the weekend I read an article about a school students that are collecting plastic bags.
The students are collecting the bags in a program that is from Penn Jersey Paper Company and Goodwill Industries.  The program has a goal in collecting a certain amount of bags, and for top collectors,   students are earn prizes.  The bags are collected, then sent to Goodwill Industries where they are sorted, giving jobs to Goodwill Industries Programs.
The Plastic bags are then used in the making of Trex decking material ( their products are made with reclaimed plastic and wood).  If you are considering a new deck or replacing a deck, visit their WEB site.   This is a great way to recycle the bags and keep them out of the landfill or blowing in the breeze ,or as we see to often, bags stuck on fences and whirling around the parking lots.

Over the weekend I also received a decal in the mail.  It is from ConservingNow.  This is a static cling decal to remind you to bing your own bag.  You can get your own decal  by clicking the link, ConservingNow  it is a FREE Decal so get one today.  It is a great idea to get Reusable bags, and even better to remember them.  I still have a bag of plastic bags to recycle every month, but getting a smaller amount to recycle each month.    I  have started to tell the cashier I don't need a bag if it is something I can carry without a bag,when I have forgotten a reusable bag. 
Remember to use your grocery bags just for groceries and wipe or wash them out periodically to keep germs at bay and contamination from raw meats away from other food on your next trip to the grocery store.
Don't use your grocery bags to haul other things around such as shoes or dirty laundry.  I like machine washable bags the best try Project Green Bag or ConservingNow for these types of bags.  You can also  LIKE both  these companies on Facebook and Follow them onTwitter by visiting their respective web sites and click on the Facebook and Twitter Buttons.

Disclosure:  This post is my own comments.  Please consult the web sites of each of these companies for specific details and information.  I am not affiliated with these companies.