Review of Klean Kanteen (tm) Stainless Steel Bottles

Klean Kanteen (tm) Stainless Bottles

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!  Today on my kitchen table is the weekend newspapers, coupons I need to look at,  Valentine's day cards, five boxes, yes five, of Candy Canes, don't ask why I still have them???, and  the tape and permanent marker I used early this morning at the post office to mail some packages.  The bottles in the middle of the table are Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottles.  They are a favorite of one of my children and we have a growing number of them in our household.  I like the bottles because they are 18/8 stainless steel food grade, BPA free, easy to carry, really easy to clean, are not lined with plastic or aluminum, and omit the use of plastic water bottles.  We are a family of water bottles on the go, especially in the car.  These are great to fill with your cold beverage, refrigerate and then take with you.  I have never seen the bottles leak or rust. I hand wash the bottles and caps. When one visits their WEB site you can view the different sizes, colors, and caps that are available.  There is an insulated version that will keep hot or cold beverages that way for hours. The company works with other groups to promote health and sustainability of the planet.  I have purchased the stainless steel bottles in select stores and from the web site.
We have other brand bottles we received as a promotion, or bought from a store, but they don't seem to make it out of the cupboard. 

Disclosure:  I am not affiliated with Klean Kanteen.  This post is my own review and comments.  Please visit the companies web site for specific information.


  1. I find that a bottle brush is a great addition to the cleaning tasks. One pointer is to watch out when you fill the bottles with hot tap water as the container transfers the heat straight to your hands !

  2. I love my Kleen Kanteen. Found your blog through MBC. New follower here. Feel free to follow back at

  3. Well Whattadya know, yet another great site to add to my reader!
    Klean Kanteen



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