Peepster® Peepsmobile Makes Hospital Calls

Tuesday morning started out as a typical day for me, get the kids to school, tend to some house work, check some web sites... I read that  Peepster ® Peepsmobile was planned to be in an area within a half hours drive.  This cute little yellow car is on a  Sweetness Tour making stops at major cities.  My thought was to take some photos and write about the company.  You can read all about the company here.

Due to some delays  Peepster  Peepsmobile was late getting to the stop.  After some conversations via tweets I found out they would be there late in the day.  You know that feeling should I or shouldn't I- go back?  Well, I did drive back to the stop still wanting to take some photos. Finally the car was there with two drivers.  The Peeps Representatives are very friendly, even at the end of the day.  The Peeps People did give out candy to anyone that came over to  the car.  Taking plenty of photos and talking to the drivers and the crowd for short time- I said "thanks" and "bye".  Once I was back in my car I tried to send some pictures to Facebook, so much for the new camera/phone-I was clicking the wrong button!

the last minute photos
As I started to drive home, the rain became heavier.  That kind of rain that the windshield wipers can not keep your window clean.  Thinking to myself-I need to get home, why did I drive back here just to take some photos-that I do not have on my camera. Driving in the pouring rain, four lanes of rush hour traffic-time to say a prayer.  Then it hit me-the reason why I did drive back to meet this little yellow chick.  The Peepster Peepsmobile made a stop at Saint Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia before coming across the bridge.  The Sweetness Tour makes stops and gives away Peeps,  but they also stop at many Children's Hospitals.  The two Peeps Representatives that visit the children in these hospital are sure to brighten  the children's day by sharing Peeps and their ( the Representative's) good souls.

The Peepsmoblie gave me some candy;

but more than giving me Peeps candy,   Peepster Peepsmobile showed me what good they can do for Hospitals for Children, and for that; Thank You.

You can follow the tour, view photos, and see their good works on:
Sweetness Tour
Just Born

Disclosure:  These are my own comments, views, and  knowledge.  Please check with the company for specific details.  I was not given any products in order to write this post. 


  1. You should have called ME Alison - I would have gone with you in a heartbeat! I LOVE to do things like that on the spur of the moment (not to mention I LOVE PEEPS!!!! Got a box on my Kitchen Table right now - not for long though! :D) The Peepmobile deliveries are indeed a great thing - those kids in the hospitals are sure to smile when a giant yellow PeepMobile pulls up and hands out candy!

  2. I am going to keep that in mind Ann Marie! and Thanks!

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  4. I would have loved to see a Peepmobile! Too bad it didn't make a stop in CA.
    Following you from MBC!
    Feel free to visit me at

  5. My son would've loved to have seen the Peepmobile. He loves them.

    I'm a new follower. I found you through MBC and would love it if you could visit my blog.

  6. My son would've loved to have seen the Peepmobile. He loves them.

    I'm a new follower. I found you through MBC and would love it if you could visit my blog.



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