Don't Fret the Sweat! The Tween years!

My Grandmother used the word Fret-as in don't Fret about things, don't worry about things that can be taken care of in some way.  I kinda like that word because she said it and it
is true!  The tween years with kids growing bodies is one of those times not to Fret. 
The makers of Degree ®, Dove ® and Suave ® deodorant (Unilever ®) have a great new community on Facebook called Don't Fret the Sweat. On this community page Moms can share your thoughts on all those new experiences with your tween.  The increased hormone levels, growth spurts, and strange new odors your tween experiences! ( And the Mom too!) Parents can help your tween to stay calm and comfortable during this time of awkward moments by talking and listening. For those strange new odors tween have during this time of puberty, there are great products from Unilever to help control those odors.  In my household we are fans of Degree ®, Dove ® and Suave ®.  My girls like Degree ®, I am the Suave ®, Dove ® fan.  Daily hygiene is a must at this age and beyond!  Tween self esteem at this time in their lives can be a little easier with family support and the use of products to keep themselves clean and fresh.  Kids notice odors, as well as the other kids noticing!  From gym class to the classroom tween odors can change, not for the better, I might add!  On the Facebook Page there are tips from experts in this field.
The Don't Fret The Sweat website  offers Facts, Experts, and Product information that is all very useful in navigating this time with your children.  Both the website and Facebook page I find to be a great help in finding answers and knowing there are other Mom's out there in the same situation. The site offers tips, guidance, insights into what is happening now with tween bodies, and finding the right products to help them feel comfortable. As parents we want our kids to look and feel their best.
Here are the links to help!!!
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Disclosure: by writing this post I have the opportunity to win cool prizes from One2One Network. This post is my own views and comments.  I write about products and causes I value.  Please visit the web site and facebook page for specific information. 



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