Wash your car or patio furniture with one bucket of water and Washdrops wash and shine solution.

Here we are in the month of June and I have not washed off the patio furniture in the backyard. The dirt from the Winter and Pollen from the Spring are coating the table and chairs. I look at it everyday out my window and tell myself I have to get out there and clean it off. That would entail UN-raveling the hose and finding some cleaning solution in the garage, a bucket full of water, and me being the recipient of the dripping hose.
Having the chance to try Washdrops Wash and Shine Solution, and not having to dig it out of a shelf in the garage, I put it to work on the patio. This is all I need to clean:

One bucket, one gallon of water, one ounce of Washdrops wash and shine solution(tm), a sponge, and off I go to clean that patio set... 
You don't need a hose to rinse, you can use it pretty much anywhere, anytime. There are no suds to shoe down the Storm drain, keeping pollutants out of the marine environment.
The solution is biodegradable, solvent free, butyl free, phosphate free and ammonia free. It is non-hazardous so you can dispose of your water right onto your lawn or flower bed after you clean your car, patio set, or other outdoor items.
Wash and Wipe, no streaks, spots, or suds to worry about.

  At this point I had measured the solution, and was ready to wash the table, but I thought I should rinse it first because it was coated with dirt, but I did not rinse it first.   I used one gallon of water, and one bucket, and one ounce of Washdrops Solution. I cleaned the table, and then wiped it with a towel. This is the result. It is shiny and clean. NO RINSING. I could not find the hose anyway, my husband has the hoses on timers for the garden and I could not get the water out even if I wanted to!!!
There even was candle wax from last season on the table that wiped right off.
Normally I would have to scrap that off, the solution cleaned it off with one wipe. Take a look at the clean table! Wash and Wipe, ready for backyard barbecues!

Washdrops Wash and Shine Solution (tm) can also be use to clean aluminum siding,boats, motorcycles, recreational vehicles,appliances, floors, windows, and if you happen to have an airplane, that too. The one bucket, one ounce, no rinse formula is ideal for campgrounds, cabins or cottages that don't have running water readily available for cleaning. This product is environmentally responsible, made in the USA, and available through their website.

For your chance to try this awesome cleaning solution, leave a comment on this post and a winner will be chosen by Random.org on June 29, 2011. Giveaway closes at Noon. Two people will get a 4 ounce size of their very own to clean and shine with! (be sure your email is in your profile)

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Disclosure: I was given this product to try, This post is my own views and comments. Please visit their website for complete information and details.


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