Have your heard Matt Kearny's New CD? You can hear "Hey Mama" right now!

My drive time to and from anywhere seems to be with family in tow. The day before the arrival of Hurricane Irene I set out to gather up some groceries, alone. This gave me the chance to listen to Matt Kearny's CD Young Love in the car, by myself. The first song on the CD , Hey Mama is upbeat, lively,fresh, and fun. Driving through the rain, wondering how much wind and rain would be heading our way, the music took my mind off the weather.
His songs have been heard on popular television shows, and he is winning the crowds respect and love. I hear why.

What I liked about Matt Kearny's CD, Young Love
+ lively, upbeat songs, clap your hands, dance, be happy.
+ quiet songs, words to think about, relate to.
variety of songs, life, love, family, hardships, good times, bad times.
+ is a CD I will listen to again.
+ is a CD I will play at a party or a backyard Barbecue.
+ is a CD I will recommend buying least listening to.
+ has words I can understand and enjoy hearing.(that is a big one,since I am the  Mom of teenagers.

This is such a cool widget! Hover over the You Tube picutre  to listen to first song on the CD.

 Songs on the Young Love CD:
1. Hey Mama
2.Ships in The Night
3. Count on Me
4. Sooner or Later
5. Chasing the Light
6.Learning to Love Again
7. Down
8.She Got the Honey
9.Young Dumb and in Love
10. Rochester
11. Seventeen

Starting in September Matt Keany will be touring the United States and Canada. To find the locations of the concerts click Here. This is his web page, where you will find more information on the tour.

What about the Hurricane?  Wind and Rain are now here. Tomorrow those both will increase according to the weather man. Pray for every one's safety.

Disclosure:  I received Matt Kearny's Young Love CD to review. By writing this post I am entered into a drawing from One2OneNetwork.  The comments and views are my own.


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