What did you give out for Trick or Treat?

The past few years we have given out non-candy treats for Halloween. Don't get me wrong, I like candy!  It is always fun to get a little trinket or something different from a neighbor for Trick or Treat. I remember that one house that gave out cookies and cider during Trick or Treat hours. A nice snack in those days! 

We handed out Play-Doh®  and mini bags of microwave popcorn that had a Halloween theme wrapper.

Here is an easy way to make you own holiday decorations and be able to snack on them for awhile.

Don't eat these! I re-use the candy corn year to year, by keeping the lid on, for decorative purpose only.

Happy Halloween and Happy All Saint's day.


  1. I love the popcorn idea! Where did you find little bags of it?

  2. Diane: I bought them at Walmart-I don't go there much but saw them in their ad. I went to three different ones to find them! If I remember a box of 40 is $4.

  3. A friend of mine gave out the playdoh, too. I have to remember that for next year. This year, I gave out glowsticks which worked for the young ones and teenagers. I did try to get away from candy by giving out Pirates Booty, but I also gave away lollipops which are languishing in my pantry.


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