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Go big this Valentine's Day with Tiny Prints

The month of January doesn't lend itself  much in the way of holiday decorations. My house has snowflakes and snowmen here and there. Snow has not graced us with it's presence as of yet. I am ready to put the winter decorations away. Perhaps if I lived in an area of great amounts of snowfall, cold temperatures and where wool sweaters are a must I'd be more apt to enjoy the winter decorations.

Temperature readings of 40 degree Fahrenheit just don't feel like winter.  Stores are stocking up with Spring clothing, garden supplies, and brighter colored everything. Before we head into the season of Spring, there is Valentine's Day. 

This is the  first big holiday after Christmas that is celebrated in giving and receiving. A dozen red roses, a heart shaped box of chocolates, and the cute, sentimental, even mushy Valentine' s Day card.

School children will sign Valentine's day cards and pass out to their school mates, Maybe there is a shoe box turned into a mailbox to deposit all the cards one will receive. Maybe a special someone will select a Valentine's day card for you.  Maybe you will be the one selecting a special card to give to a loved one.
These two cards are part of my favorites form Tiny Prints  Cards for kids to hand out:

there are adorable stickers to put on your treat bags, gifts or whatever you are giving:

and lovable cards to give your husband, wife, or loved one:

Will you be helping your Child's classroom this year with their Valentine's Day party?  Having a party at home? Tiny Prints has lots of Valentine's cards, stickers, personalized photo cards, labels, invitations, and more to chose from this year.

Don't delay and order your cards, and other personalized gifts for this years day of love.

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Disclosure: The comments and views are my own. By writing this post I receive a promo code for cards.


  1. I'm dropping by with the Versatile Blogger Award. I was graced with one and now must share the love :)

  2. I'm dropping by with the Versatile Blogger Award. I was graced with one and now must share the love :)

  3. I just love Tiny Prints cards!


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