Make your way to McDonald's tomorrow for the NEW Happy Meal

This morning I headed South to a McDonald's ®  location in Absecon, New Jersey. Nice place. Really nice place. It's sunny, it's clean, it's full of friendly employees, hard working  staff, it's busy, and the food is great.


The three hour tour, for bloggers, began with meeting a warm hearted, dedicated owner, a hard working manager, and two lovely ladies working on PR for the company.

The bloggers were served a cup of  warm, full of fruit oatmeal. This was my first try of McDonald's  oatmeal. It is good. Sure to fill you up, and good for a cold morning.

The group then learned about the company from the owner of this McDonald's, who happens to own several other locations. She is truly dedicated to the care and quality of her restaurants. You can see it in the restaurant, the employees, and customers.

The Manager of this location, also a hardworking person, gave us a behind the counter tour. The kitchen is clean and set up for efficiency. We even got to go in the refrigerator to see the fresh produce and salad mix.  We skipped going in the freezer. wouldn't you?  The entire restaurant is set up for ease of finding products and is very organized.

We meet the grill man who has been working for them for 35 years. He works fast. He is very skilled at his job, and a nice man.

On to our next event-Lunch. We were served the NEW Happy Meal ®.

Look how cute:

The french fries are smaller, one hundred calories! And All Happy Meals now come with apple slices. You can substitute another pack of apple slices for the french fries.

The New Happy Meal ® :

automatically includes Apple Slices

choice of Hamburger, Cheeseburger, or Chicken McNuggets ®

Choice of beverage, and the milk is now fat free chocolate milk, and 1% for regular milk.

Chicken McNuggets sodium has been reduced by more than 20%  since 2003

apple slices, smaller fries, fat free and 1% low fat milk are all part of food groups encouraged by USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 My Plate.

McDonald's New Happy Meal is part of McDonald's commitment to offer improved nutritional choices. By adding fruit in every Happy Meal families can make choices for meeting the recommended daily consumption of fruit.

It is anticipated that 100 million cups of produced will be introduced annually into the diets of young children.  (Mom's and Dad's can enjoy this produce too!)

We also got to try the new Chicken  McBites ®, pop in your mouth size chicken bites. Available in different sizes and sauces are available for dipping. These are good! And fun to eat.

McDonald's is also committed to celebrating diversity, and committed to women.  They have the largest number of women and minority franchises in the quick service industry.They support women with career development,  advocacy, recruitment, and retention assistance through their employees Women's leadership Network and Women Operators Network.

Ronald McDonald House Charities helps children's well being through programs that directly improve the child's health. There are houses, family rooms, and a mobile program that care and help children and families during medical treatments.  Offering families  a place to rest, refresh, and reflect with out leaving the child's side.

Thank you to McDonald's of SouthEastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware.

Follow them on Twitter for up to date happenings.

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Disclosure:  The comments and views are my own, please visit McDonald's ®  for more information.

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