ShopRite Can Can Sale supports local food banks. Want to donate a can this year?

My next house is going to have a walk in kitchen pantry. My kitchen pantry now is about the width of six boxes of cereal lined up in a row. There are five shelves and space on the floor for large items.

Just before dinner time today my oldest daughter stated she wanted to organize the cupboard. Go for it I said! I like to think I keep on top of outdated food products and that part was OK.
The open boxes of rice, noodles, crackers, cereal, and breakfast bars need to be straightened up. She did a great job organizing the pantry. I don't have to step back and let things fall out as I open the door anymore.

We made a list of food items that need to be replenished. Winter months call for soup. Cans and cans of soup. The list began with that, and grew to other canned goods to keep on hand to make Chili, creamed soups for casseroles. Broth for slow cooker recipes, and re fried beans for taco night.

I look for sales and coupons to stock up on these food items. ShopRite® has their great Can Can Sale going on now.  In 2011 the store donated 40,000 cans of food to local food banks to commemorate 40 years of the Can Can Sale
This year of the 41st year of the sale ShopRite® is making it extra special with "Cans For Fans" Facebook program.  You can become involved in the fight against hunger on their page. During the 2012 Can Can Sale that is January 5 through January 21, 2012 ShopRite will donate one can of food (up to 50,000 cans) to local food banks in communities it serves for every new ShopRite® Facebook Fan.

This is how you can donate cans of food from ShopRite:

*Visit ShopRite® on their official Facebook Page
*When you click LIKE, a can of food is donated
*Spread the word to everyone you know-the more likes, the more cans are donated.

You can also visit their to upload a personal photo and become a virtual ShopRite® Can Can dancer. I love to see those dancers on Television because then I know it's time to stock up on canned goods at great savings.  Your image can be emailed to friends, shared with your personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter Account, or even posted to ShopRite's official Facebook page.

If you are thinking of organizing your pantry or want to stock up on canned goods now is the time.
See what is on sale before you go to the Store and make a list at home to take with you.

Disclosure: This information was provided to me by ShopRite® through MyBlogSpark. Please see ShopRite's official page and site for specific information.

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  1. What a great program. I shop here just about every week and I had no idea they were doing this. I always love the Can Can sale, and that commercial with the cartoon since I was a little kid. I'm going to "Like" right now!



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