Tide for COLDWATER, say it's so!

that's the sunshine on the towel

There is a pile of laundry somewhere in my house, all the time. I could wash all day, walk upstairs and find another heap of laundry. I give up, I am defeated by the dirty clothes.

This is a photo of my Christmas Tree skirt, towels, shirts, and more towels. Why in the world would I be washing the tree skirt? It's  been claimed by our cat for the month of December as his blanket under the tree. To pack it away for the year I best wash it, don't you think?

I have been washing all our clothes in cold water for years. One day long ago I just decided to use cold water, all the time. Back in the day of powdered laundry detergent I would find clumps of undissolved powder in the washing machine drum.

Thanks to all the laundry detergent makers, liquid laundry soap began to find it's place on more and more store shelves.

P&G recently introduced Tide® laundry soap just for cold water use. Cool,  I'll buy that.

Why use Tide® For COLDWATER:

*Conserve energy
*Save on your utility bill
*Give your hot water heater a rest
*Same clean clothes as in warm or hot water
*use for whites and darks
*Fresh Scent and Mountain Spring Scents
*Clean Clothes
*(there is even a powder just for coldwater)

Join SheSpeaks on January 19, 2010 at 9 PM for a Twitter Party. Follow #tide, #washcold and @shespeaksup. The conversation will be about Tide Coldwater and saving energy. See you there!

Disclosure: I received a sample of Tide® COLDWATER from Tide/SheSpeaks. I will also receive a gift card as compensation for this post.  

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