Favorite Find of the week. Bic Mark it permanent marker

Permanent markers are good for making a poster or sign. But, broad tip markers don't make it easy to write in small spaces.  Bic Mark It Permanent markers now come in a fine tip! Writing an address on a package or envelope, a note to school, filling our a form, even making a grocery list is easy with these new markers.
the left side is the fine tip, the right side is the broad tip marker

How about these cool colors?

Plumtastic Purple
Pink  Flamingo
Playful Purple
Fandango Pink
Desert Rose
Rambunctious Red

 These pens came in the recent Cravebox.  Every month a selection of really cool, neat products are packed neatly into Cravebox and delivered to my mailbox.  The pens were part of the contents in the box. Who doesn't like markers in fun colors!

The colors are perfect for this time of year. Sign the Valentine's Day cards with the Rambunctious Red or Fandango Pink.  Plumtastic Purple Sounds like a good color for Easter Basket tags and cards.

Looking for more cool colors?  Visit Bic.  To sign up for Cravebox go here. Cravebox is $10 per month. The value of the products are so much more than $10. I am thinking these pens alone are $10.
Watch for more post this month on the contents of this month's Cravebox.

Disclosure: the comments and views are my own.

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