Favorite Find of the week: Therapon Skin Health

Skin care products are getting healthier with more companies taking out the harmful ingredients and using natural  ingredients. Age and the environment can take a toll on our skin. Sun, smog, and stress can make our skin look older than we really are!

 Keep your skin younger looking and keep that healthy glow.

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Therapon Skin Health  offers products for all skin types.  One of the products I like is Theraderm® OPC Reparative Gel.  It is one of the steps in a three part skin care routine.  The Gel contains antioxidants that protect your skin.  Botanical goodness decreases inflammation, protects, and repairs skin collagen and elastin.  That's a hard working product. Just apply Theraderm OPC Reparative Gel to your clean face and neck before you moisturize.  The gel works with your skin to naturally restore itself. The result is healthy, younger looking skin.

You won't find Therapon in your local department store, beauty shop or drug store.  To learn more,  search for  a medical facility in your area that carries Therapon, and to purchase  direct, visit Therapon.
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