Get a coupon for New Scotch Brite botanical disinfecting wipes. Easy, safe cleaning.

Disinfecting the kitchen counter is  a daily chore.   A disinfecting spray or wipe are all good ways to rid the germs on the counter, but what chemicals are left on the counter?   Scotch Brite™. from 3M offers as botanical disinfecting wipe. Nice right!   A new product available in stores now. Kills germs without harsh chemicals.

You can use these new Soctch Brite wipes to sanitize and deodorize all the hard nonporous surfaces in your home, even at the office. Just wipe the surface, allow to air dry and the surface is clean.  A wipe that can sanitize, deodorize and disinfect is a time saver and a healthy option.

What I like about New Scotch Brite Botanical disinfecting wipes:

kills cold and flu viruses
kills 99.9% of household germs
Sanitize, deodorize, and disinfect
can be used around children, pets and food.
made with Clean Well ™.
made with botanically pure plant extracts (thymol)
nice clean fragrance, not harsh chemical smell
available in Breeze and lemongrass fragrance

You can use the wipes to clean the bathroom, the kitchen, the remote control, the high chair, the kid's toys, and any other hard nonporous surface in you home or office. Wipe off the keyboard. I do that often! How about your mobile phone? That has to be a germ playground. Give it a wipe and get rid of the germs.  Put a canister in your car, put a canister in the diaper bag, the book bag. Wipe off the public high chair when you are dinning out. Use the wipes in the hotel room and the classroom to clean surfaces.   Scotch Brite wipes are good at home and on the go.                

Look for Scotch Brite botanical Disinfecting Wipes in the cleaning aisle where you shop. To print a Coupon before you head to the store visit Scotch Brite .

Disclosure: The comments and views are my own. Please see the label on the canister for specific instructions on disinfecting, deodorizing and sanitizing.  visit  Scotch Brite on the web.

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