Get your Mabel's Labels Summer Camp Combo at the early bird speical right now

Who's ready for Winter to be over?  Bright colored clothing and housewares are being advertised all over the place and Spring is in the air.  Summer camps are advertising in newspapers and parenting magazines.  Parents are lining up the Summer activities and planning vacations.

From Summer camp attendance to long hot days at the town pool to the backyard pool and beyond kids tend to loose stuff. The new towel you bought just for them, the swim goggles, the sports equipment, the lunch boxes, and the sweatshirt they took along in the early morning might all end up in lost and found or in another child's backpack.

You call the organization or the neighbors house where you think the item was left behind and try to track the missing article down.  At laundry time you might not recognize the beach towel or sweatshirt in your laundry pile!  Who's is this?

To help keep track of lost items in your household, label everything that is not tied down, well maybe that too.  From sneakers to softballs put a name label on the things that leave the house or even at your own pool side.

Choose a waterproof, stick proof, fade proof, washing machine proof label.  Personalize the labels with your child's name and motif. I'd even order labels for my own belongings like sunglasses or phone. From bug spray to sunscreen lotions label it all.

Right now Mabel's Labels is offering the  Summer Camp edition at an early bird special of  $37.95 for February. (regular price is $39.95)

What they are:

Sticky Labels and Skinny-Minis™ are dishwasher/microwave safe and UV resistant
Tag Mates™ are laundry safe and UV resistant
Shoe Labels and Bag Tags™ are waterproof and UV resistant
Satisfaction guaranteed

What you get:
10 Sticky Labels
24 Skinny-Minis™
8 Shoe Labels
50 Tag Mates™
2 Bag Tags
2 FREE Friendship Bracelets

Mabel's labels offers different motifs and colors  for the Limited Edition Camp Combo so order yours today while you are thinking about it and don't get wait until June to remember to order.

Disclosure: the comments and views are my own. Visit Mabel's labels for specific information and ordering.

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