Happy Saint Valentine's Day! Where is the candy?


my mom makes cards like these every year

I have fond memories of classroom Valentine's Day parities. My favorite part was handing out cute little cards to all my classmates. The whole classroom was up out of their seats handing out sweet sentiments to Friends and crushes. We all had homemade  mailboxes that we could deposit the cards into. At the end of the day the teacher would allow us to take home our mailbox full of Valentine Cards.

 We also had a party. Cupcakes, juice, treats, goodie bags and more!  Thanks Saint Valentine for being a romantic!

Fast forward to 2012 and my own children having their party at school.  From my days of loading up my kids with a goodie bags for every holiday and I do mean every holiday, this is what my daughter and her "committee" made yesterday at our house. 

Although it looks good, the "tea party" does relate to their school work. So you can have your cake and eat it too! or in this case strawberries and brownies.  Each girl also made a baked good at home last night.  We made mini brownies. I heard something about cookies and lemon squares.

Where is the candy?  Who said Strawberries are candy?  That's my girl!


  1. That was such a cute post and nice trip down memory lane thinking of past valentine's! I love choc. covered strawberries

  2. Oh yum, chocolate dipped strawberries are the best.

  3. Love strawberry chocolates! Yum!

  4. Mmmm love some chocolate covered strawberries too!


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