Load up on business cards from Tiny Prints before your next media event

What is in your wallet? Along with money, credit/debit cards, insurance cards and more where do you store business cards?  In your wallet, in a separate wallet? Thrown in the bottom of your purse or bag?!

When you attend your first conference don't go there without business cards. You will make contacts at these conferences you will want to visit their site once your get home.  Perhaps you met someone you can write a review for, do a giveaway, work with or for, and someone to  meet up with at a later date.

I use a separate wallet type holder for my business cards. There is room to put mine in and a space for those cards I collect at a conference or workshop.   When someone hands you their business card I think it is good to look at their face and then the card so you have a better chance of putting a person to the card later.  Including a personal photo on the business card is helpful in remember the name to face.

When I am home from a conference or event I place all the business cards I received in a plastic sleeve that is made just for business cards and store it in a binder. It makes for easy reference and it's neat and tidy.

I also carry a handful of business cards in my purse.  You never know when that conversations strikes up with a friend or relative on what you do all day!  You can tell them  about your blog/business, your Facebook page or you Twitter Account. What's the name of your blog they will ask? Kitchen Table, OK I will look it up. This is the time to hand over a business card.

What to include on your business card:

(your information can be on the front and back of the card)

Your Name: First and last

Your title: or what you do:  own a company, a  blogger/ freelance writer?

Your web or Internet address:

Your email address

Your Mailing address-to some this is personal, to some this allows companies to send you products to review. Your choice to include or not. If you have a store front or business address include that.

Your head shot

Your Facebook page (s):  for example: facebook.com/kitchentable4   you don;t need to put http etc.

Your Twiiter Account handle:  for example @kitchentable4   you dont' need to put http etc

Your You Tube account

any other Media outlets you use

Don't wait until you have signed up for your first conference to order your  Business Cards.  Order them now.

Other ways to use your Business Cards and increase traffic to your blog, or business

Conferences and events may ask you to send them your business card in order to complete your application to their event.

Include a business card with giveaways you mail out

Give a business card to your friends, neighbors, relatives.

Give a business card to;  your hairstylist that asks, what do you have planned for the day?, parents in your playgroup or school, church friends, groups you belong to

If you are an avid coupon shopper and the cashier says wow, you saved a ton. Hand her a business card. Perhaps they will visit your site to find out how you shop. How about the customer behind you standing in amazement on how much you saved? They need a card too!

Include a card in any letters or cards you mail out.

you can always drop one in the fish bowl at restaurants for drawing of free meals./gifts!

Ready to order your first batch of business cards or replenish your stock? 
Tiny Prints.com has a nice variety of business cards to chose from. classic to modern. From  different shapes and  colors, personalize your business cards your way.   I have ordered business cards from Tiny Prints before. I was pleased with the quality, service and delivery of the cards. Now that I have  business cards, I want to make some changes on my cards due to different opportunities and an email change.

What do you include on your business card?

Disclosure: The comments and views are my own. By writing this post I am compensated with  business cards from Tiny Prints.

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